World of Opportunities

ICI combines practical training, personal and professional development, to give students the competitive edge needed to move more successfully into the food, wine and hospitality sectors.

For those in certain programmes, we apply our “Technique+” teaching approach where the practical abilities are enhanced with an understanding of the science of cooking and the cultural context that surrounds a country’s cuisine. This added knowledge is a definite plus with prospective employers who seek worldly graduates and accomplished professionals.

Get ready for a world of opportunities with positions in hotels, restaurants, catering groups, private clubs, and theme parks.

What’s your goal?

Pursue a culinary career with a solid foundation:
Higher Diploma in Culinary Arts, Diploma and Certificate for those wanting a competitive edge

Full-time Programmes

For applicants with S6 qualifications or above
Higher Diploma in International Theme Park and Event Management
Higher Diploma Programmes
Diploma/Certificate Programmes

For applicants with S3 qualifications or above
Certificate Programmes

Part-time Programmes

Certificate in Italian Cuisine (QF level 2)
Certificate in Pastry and Bakery (QF level 2)
Other Certificate Programmes
Preparatory Course for Trade Test
Job-Shadowing Programme (Chinese Version Only)
Certificate in Contemporary French Cuisine by FERRANDI