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【#Fun分Share “If I were student of HTI, CCI or ICI, I would ...”】


13 November 2020




【#Fun分Share “If I were student of HTI, CCI or ICI, I would ...”】

Due to Covid-19, we have decided to cancel the award ceremony that was originally scheduled in July. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Through our Institute committee, our winners are listed below. Winners will be contacted directly.
Gold: 尹潔怡, Sam Hong Nam, 黃永頌, 廖文希
Silver: Chan Hiu Chit, 黃靖琪, 林予欣, 譚津盈, 張志漢
Bronze: 謝志恒, 陳卓翹
Most Popular Award: 蘇嘉文, Kan Oi Tak, 何天逸, 沙碧霞, 關愛莎, 鄭凱桐, 梁鎧童, 覃裴嘉彥Chumphoebe

Calling all secondary students! From now until 15 June 2021, join HTI, CCI and ICI’s #Fun分Share Campaign by following our Facebook or Instagram, then comment on the #Fun分Share FacebookInstagram post  and tag three friends for a chance to win wonderful prizes including Alaska Seafood, Ocean Park tickets or Dining Voucher. What are you waiting for!?

Scan the QR code or click onto https://bit.ly/36sNktF to join. Don’t forget to let your friends know too!

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